where do i go from here?

ever since last week, i’ve been thinking about the presentation of my work. i know we had walked through the StateU domain hosting site – i’ll be honest, i don’t know if it will work for me. my worries are as followed: i want to create a piece of electronic literature. yes, of course, i want a domain for my portfolio, but can this website do that for me? am i going to be able to do that?

i know wix is not the favorite thing in the world here, apparently – but! if i subscribed to one of their plans, got rid of the wix ads and got my own domain, i know i could also have a domain and make something creative. but, i’m trying my best to explore all my options before going for the most basic one.

i’ve been doing some research on how other people have created their electronic literature. big surprise – there’s not a lot there. i know we’ve talked about platforms like Twine and what not, but that’s not the kind of projection i want my poetry to go in.

i found a compilation by Deena Larsen, a respected member of the electronic literature community: “The Electronic Literature Studio: A list of tools for creating.” I’m interested in Adobe Dreamweaver, but i need to look into the coding side of it more, and if i can do it (i know a thing or two about code, but it’s all pretty basic.) she also suggested Trillex, which is more or less wix, so it’s making me reconsider that wix might be okay.

i’ve also been revisiting the volumes curated in the Electronic Literature Organization to get ideas about platforms and digital storytelling that way. if anyone else has digital storytelling suggestions, please throw them my way!

One Reply to “creation”

  1. As much as I think it’s important and have slightly pressured to set up your own domain, I agree it’s not essential now for your thesis. You can always do this later.

    But I think you are going about this wrong. You want to build a house and the first thing you do is go to Home Depot and look at the tools.

    I would like to see you maybe sketch out or describe you would would ideally envision this looking. How does a reader move through it? I know you have talked about the sort of front visual being a room to click on things; you have done things like that. Sure you can do it, I don’t find it very interesting myself.

    So you need to design it before picking a platform (by the way, hardly anyone uses Dreamweaver to build web sites, it’s really outdated and if you do that, you need a web site to host that one, and you are back to domains).

    What you have to me is a rather clear structure about days and times of days and events occuring. To me, the organizational mode seems more like a calendar, a day timer. Something where you can jump around and open different days and move through the day, or maybe someway of seeing what happened in his mornings. Time is the unit I think to organize around.

    Now there is a tool right in front of you that organizes chunks of content around date and time– a site. You can write posts now, but back date them to the month, day, year, and hour you want them to occur. You can put categories for days, and use tags for things like feelings (paranoia? love, fear, breakfast, work), and all of these become different ways to navigate.

    And the front page in a site need not just be a list of posts; you can create a static welcome page as the front of the blog, or a title page, or something that looks like a calendar.

    And finally, there is Blurb that lets you publish a blog as a book

    Don’t start with the tools, start with the desired design, experience.


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