to come

ok. thesis is drawing closer & closer to the end, and i’ll admit, it’s making me nervous.

i know i need to crack down this next month, and i will. my real break is over – i wanted to enjoy this last week with my boyfriend, because i won’t be able to see him until thesis over, pretty much. tomorrow, i’ll be going down to my grandparents in Charleston, and the rest of my time with them will be very easy and relaxing, and definitely a place where can i return to the flow of my work.


i don’t really have much to share from this past week, except a small sketch i did when thinking about making my own art in place of avoiding potential copyright. feedback would be appreciated – i’d probably stick to a more black & white scheme than the colors i have of the photo. i was just messing around with GIMP & layer qualities.

come sunday i’ll probably write another blog post with more updates on how things are proceeding, because this needs to get done.

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